7 Instagram Story Tricks and Hacks to Grow your Instagram

7 Instagram Story Hacks to LEVEL UP Your IG

We all know Instagram Stories are the hottest way to give small insight into your daily life or show off the true life behind a brand! They humanize a profile & allow users to engage with their followers in a super unique way! BUT, all the super cool tricks have been hogged by all the big brands & influencers. Psh, not anymore!

We’re here to leak these gnarly hacks so that you can LEVEL UP your Instagram game!

When it comes to making Instagram Stories stand out, some of the most useful features, editing tools and techniques are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Seriously, you could have been doing these all along! So, keep reading and take your IG Stories to the next level with these engaging, sneaky, and SIMPLE story hacks!

Instagram Story Trick #1: Paste ANY picture(s) onto your Story

Every wanted to have a few images on your story post? Or a specific GIF or meme you’ve been saving but can’t find in the IG Library?

Well. BOOM. There’s a way.

Just Copy a Photo from Your Camera Roll!

This trick is so simple, we bet you didn’t even consider it. All you have to do is go to your photo album/camera roll and click “EXPORT“, then select “COPY“.

Instagram Hack for copying pictures onto your stories for super cool effect @Mr.Rageright @WizzSocial

Then Double-tap the screen and choose the “PASTE” option. VOILA!


Instagram Story Trick #2: Align your Text Left, Right, or Centered

Although some of the Instagram fonts don’t allow re-alignment, which is pretty annoying (yah, we said it!). It’s a great way to add balance, edge, or simply make things WORK in your stories. BUT, if you REALLY want to…. here’s how!

Choose write out the text/message onto your story with a font that doesn’t have the alignment button.

Instagram Hack for Aligned Text on non alignable text @Mr.Rageright @WizzSocial

Now, simply swipe your finger to the right or left on the text and boom! The text/content will align accordingly!


Instagram Story Trick #3: Unlock even MORE colors in your stories

Insta-stories are a great way to not only show off what YOU are a about, but also to reflect, contrast, and POP the infinite styles that your life or brand has to project! But… Instagram’s default colors don’t have the color you’re really looking for.

Nah. We got that juicy hack for you!

All you have to do is select the BRUSH TOOL in your Instagram Story, then select a default color with a Tap & Long-Hold at the bottom of the screen. Within a second, a color slider will open & any color you seek is able to be chosen!

Instagram Story SUPER secret hack for Color Gradient Text @Mr.Rageright
Super Secret Hack: Color Gradient Effect

Custom color not enough? Well how about we make your text have a gradient effect!

Simply type out the text and tap on the text + “Select All” to highlight it.

Instagram Story SUPER secret hack for Color Gradient Text @Mr.Rageright

Now, with the text highlighted, press and hold one finger down on the color palette tool at the bottom of your screen (like you did before) to open the entire color spectrum.
While holding a color, use another hand/finger to drag the selected text and ALSO the color palette tool from left to right at the same time.

You’ll see your text begin to change colors, letter by letter, as you drag your finger across the color palette!

Instagram Story Trick #4: Add a GLOW to your Emoji’s

Once again, something SO simple, but 99% of us don’t think about it!

Add a little extra pop to your stories with a super simple, and hidden trick that makes your Emoji’s have a little glow behind them!

Simply open your stories, tap the screen to open the text tool, and select the Neon font. Now when you add an emoji, it should have a slight glow behind it! Neat, right?

Glowing Emoji for better Instagram Story Hack for and Trick for Better Insta stories @WizzSocial @Mr.Rageright

Instagram Story Trick #5: Create a Solid Color Background on your Stories

This color-fill trick is pretty useful when you want to share a a blank story with drawings and text rather than a photo or video!

Tap the pen icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select a color. Next, tap and hold on the screen for 1-3 seconds until the screen is filled with a solid color. Super simple.

Bonus: Use the eraser tool to tease an image or other creative ideas!

Instagram Story Hack for Paint Bucket full page and Trick for Better instagram stories @WizzSocial @Mr.Rageright

Instagram Story Trick #6: Hide Your Hashtags

Hashtags help create extra exposure for your stories and profile! BUT… sometimes, the hashtags ruin the super smooth feel of your post/story. SO, Find a way to hide it, while still getting the extra exposure boost via Instagram!

First, type out your hashtags (you can include up to 10 in your stories), and then pinch them to make them smaller. Then throw a GIF or image sticker over the tags to hide them! OR, if there’s one color as a background, change the hashtag text to that one color by using the color picker!

Instagram Story Hack for Hidden Hashtags and Trick for Better Instagram Reach @WizzSocial @Mr.Rageright
Keep in mind that if you make the hashtags too small, Instagram won’t register them! So the best way is to camouflage them with the background or hide them behind another design element.

Instagram Story Trick #7: Create a Drop Shadow Effect on Your Text

Trying to add a touch of extra pizzazz to your story? Whip up a drop shadow effect by doubling up on your text. Here’s what we mean.

Open your stories and type the text you want! Pick the color, size, etc, then simply, click out and do it again, but in a different color!
Now simply arrange the top layer of text so that it’s SLIGHTLY off from the bottom layer! Play around with color combinations & see your story text really stand out!

Instagram Story Hack for Shadow Text and Trick for Better Instagram Engagement

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